I agree with your reasoning and your points. $30.00 + $8.00 shipping. Or Print My EDC (every dayRead more , I agree to a point. What we concentrated on were the functional aspects: triggers, sights, grips, accuracy, concealability, and ease of use. Outside the waistband ( OWB) carry is a viable option for pistols in the size range of the Taurus 85 and its variants. In addition, the grips filled that space behind the trigger guard that the RIA left vacant. Terminal ballistics with premium loads are actually quite good, esp. Keep a warrior mindset and live each day as if you may have to shoot someone and pray it never happens. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. In public when yellow sometimes begins to turn a shade of orange I can nonchalantly slip my hand inside my pocket without the oranges of the world knowing that Ive got a full combat grip on my sidearm. If the rear edges of the grips were rounded, we believe felt recoil would be less. Or fastest delivery Feb 28 - Mar 2 . Haha. Add to My Saved Parts. Available in .380 ACP or 9mm, she handles the 9 OK, so we stuck with that. i asked em "you mean to tell me that production of this model has stopped because yall have ran out of friggin screws?????" I hardly ever shoot it because it's hard to find ammo. Yes, we are awesome at the range, but that is not shooting under stress. Blade$25, Barrel..$50, Lock Bolt Description. . That also took LOTS OF PRACTICE AT THE RANGE. dont feel undergunned with my S&W 19 2 1/2 357 MAGNUM, it is barky and only 6 shotsbut it ALWAYS goes bang and it is NOT a recoil killer. I love my S&W 38 special snub nose. This is just click bait, next write an article saying the 1911/is dead. #119000-322700, S&W .38 Double Action revolver, 4th model, ca. Wahi Valleys. Thanks! But buying a locked-breech pistol and giving proper instruction makes this feasible for anyone who isnt struggling with a disability. In essence, reloading a revolver is a simple affair. I need a revolver in my lineup. . Alexa analytics service - keep track on user informations. Or is it to expensive? As most of you probably know, Rossi (and Heritage Arms) are owned by Taurus so this model has the Taurus safety which requires the use of a supplied key to lock up the hammer. The rear of the rubber grips were squared off, and we also felt those edges slap our palms. Recoil is a thing, Practice and learn to live with it. SOLD. The RIA was equipped with a crowned 2-inch barrel with a full underlug that houses the knurled ejector rod. A friend told me that a three inch barrel is better because the longer rod will push the empties completely clear of the cylinder. The Rossi Revolver is equipped with the exclusive "Taurus Security System." The system is designed to preclude use of the revolver when the mechanism is engaged. Not too bad for a snubbie! I have no idea of how many people have been killed by 38s but a safe bet would be in the thousands, maybe the ten thousands. Grips.$20, 5 Pair Target Grips net But like anything, theres no free lunch. The cylinder had play in it, and the grip was a bit too large for deep carry. Rossi 971 Barrel, .357 2-1/2" Stainless Our Price: $50.50 . 5 shot. You simply carry it in an overcoat pocket and keep your hand on it as you talk. Rossi 971 Hammer, Stainless Without Nose Models 679, 720, 877, 971, 712, 713 Rossi Model M971 357 Magnum Stainless Old Style Crane Yoke Under stress, its difficult to do intricate tasks. Numrich unfortunately is sold out. It would be about as relevant. The Model 856 comes in at a sleek 22.10 ounces, while its overall length is just 6.55-inches and its height is 4.8-inches. Dont underestimate its lethality. Thankfully, your article clearly acknowledged that these revolvers are reliable. We found the Charter Arms Off Duty, Rossi Model R35102, and Rock Island Armory (RIA) Model 206 as not inexpensive choices, but not horribly spendy either. Model 62. The cookie is set by crwdcntrl.net to collect statistical data such as the number of visits, average time spent on site, and what pages have been loaded, for targeted advertising. hi Great find 007! But its blued. Introduced in the early 1990s, the Ruger SP101 was the company's dominant .38 Special-only platform for decades. She is kind of a wild child when it comes to shooting at those thug with a gun paper targets. Yeah, everything is short supply. It particularly liked the Federal ammo, giving us a best 5-shot group of 0.4 inch. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. 226 Williams Ln. And given the seemingly endless number of new subcompact 9mm handguns hitting the market every year, theres not a huge reason to opt for a .38 over one. When she hears the whistle she starts at the crotch and shoots five shots straight up the middle until she gets to the face and that little Smith goes click, click, click. If you need to build a treehouse, there are better options. The metal-to-metal fit was better than the RIA, with no gaps. Sights are barrel integral serrated blade front, with frame integral fixed notch rear sight. I have the EXACT same model except mine is a 3 inch .32 Smith and Wesson long chambering. was sent to brazil to start manufacturing for interarms. Ill occasionally carry a S&W 640-1 357 magnum 5 shot with two stripper clips. Youtube - Track the views of embedded videos. Spring.$ 5, Crane).$35, Firing Pin With Required fields are marked *. So that one is no reasonRead more , We appreciate your insight and effort in sharing your observations about snub-nose, .38 Special revolvers for EDC and self-defense. And your points will have some validity. I was just looking at a model 88 the other day. $38.50 . I dont expect to do any long range shooting with it. The Off Duty was the smallest and lightest as well as the most expensive revolver tested. We fired the Rossi single action and the Charter Arms and RIA double action. Unlike our somewhat finicky, favored class of semi-automatic pistols, revolvers will never experience failures to feed, failures to extract, stove-pipe jams, and they do not require a pesky magazine or manipulation of a stiff charging spring to chamber a round. This appears to be a very common problem on the earlier Rossi's. The gun is in very gun condition otherwise. Rossi (Interarms) 92 .357 lever rifle - not all parts interchange with Taurus Rossi. Add to cart. I bought a 3" Taurus 856 Defender. If SHTF Im looking protect mine, for cover and for an exit. 32 long nose bullets fits in the rossi 38 special but will it fire. EU TIVE UM IGUAL , ME ARREPENDO AT HOJE DE TER VENDIDO, FUI UM IMBECIL. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". Thats why a full hammer is good. and has no idea how small they will feel in a fight going against someone orRead more , You can add that this article is primarily for those who have never shot and those who offer advice to those who are considering a first gun. Im not looking for a shoot out. Put it back together. In concealed carry, the Off Duty shined. Plate..$20, Rear Sight $400 Snubnose Revolvers: Rossi, RIA, and Charter Arms. Slide..$25, Rebound Slide A friend told me that in a revolver course he took he was encouraged to carry a 3 inch barreled gun rather than a 2 inch barreled one. This Rossi is in good condition. Item Information. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Despite the fact that revolvers are among the most recommended carry guns for new and female shooters, they arent all great choices. Pin.$ 2, Hand..Out, Pair of Standard There is a small fraction of truth here, however. In a nutshell, punishing recoil combined with difficult sights makes successfully grouping rounds on paper very tough. In fact, it was the most accurate of the three tested. Not 1980s B-movie amounts of silly recoil where the gun seems to be firing SCUD missiles, but enough that most shooters will want to stop a practice session after firing through two cylinders worth of ammunition. For sale is a Rossi M685 in .38 Special. The magums weight has its trade off, but +Ps recoil is tame. FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX.) Thanks for the movie tip. A $400 revolver will exhibit some characteristics, such as fit and finish, that are not going to be nearly as nice as a revolver costing twice as much because finishing a firearm can be labor intensive and costly. The Rossi manual stated it was compatible with +P ammo, but not to use +P frequently. $919.00. From pocket or purse, meaning the hammer is enclosed like in the picture at the top of the article. If I could find it and buy it back now, I would. INA Brazil Rossi Class FIE .38 Special 5 Shot J Frame Oversized Square Butt 4 1/4 inch Nickel Wood Grips 1972 Transitional . I have the same one, great pocket carry in my opinion. There is no such thing as a hand-held, 100% reliable fight-stopping weapon. At the top of the crane was a detent that locked the front of the cylinder to the frame. I picked up a Rossi M685 .38 special revolver from another forum member here a month or so ago. I myself bought a Rossi about 15 years ago and its my go to concealed carry gun. What does double action and single action mean in a gun? How likely are you to be in a position,Read more . Instead, theyre met with a disproportionate muzzle blast and sharp recoil impulse. Think about that for a moment. I have after market rubber grips on them. If you have weaker hand strength, this can be a big problem. No +P stamped anywhere. That said, there are two basic types of people who would carry something like this as their PRIMARY self defense tool; Someone who is extremely confident in their abilities under extreme stress along with a very good working knowledge of ballistics and good choices of same OR someone who never shoots for practice, doesnt realize how much and sharply these things recoil etc. The gun appears new, never fired. "As senior rooster round here, its my duty, and my pleasure, to instruct junior roosters in the ancient art of roostery Foghorn Leghorn. It was used but Im still happy with my purchase. Otherwise they are just straw-man arguments. You ought to read about the time Sam cummings was negotiating a Deal in the Sudan for the then new AR-10. $959.00 (Save up to 4%) Price. After running these revolvers, we found we liked a lot about all of them, but, as always, we noted some specific details about them we did not like. . Here are five good hammerless revolvers. SAAMI Accepts 30 Super Carry As New Standardized Cartridge. This will very likely discourage new shooters from practicing and honing their marksmanship skills. The comment section is going to be flooded with readers talking about how fast they can reload their favorite wheel gun. Granted its not a .38 spec, but I do have a few more rounds on me , 60 to be exact and at 50g, ballistic tip, I think its gonna leave a mark, permanent to! Id say its slightly beyond knife fighting distance so who needs fancy sights anyway. Item Number: D889111. See pointy stick reference above. We decided to test with 38 Special regular-pressure ammunition only, and acquired some Federal Champion 158-grain lead roundnose (LRN) cartridges, some Armscor 158-grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) rounds, and Hornady Custom fodder loaded with 158-grain XTP hollowpoints. Some examples of the types of parts that you might find for sale include barrels, triggers . I carry a Rossi Model 68, Its a direct copy of the Smith and Wesson Model 36 Chiefs Special. Screw..Out, Bolt..$18, Bolt Plunger and Rivet.Out, Cylinder With Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. There is no magazine to lose since the revolver feeds off an attached cylinder. Ballistics: You have basically a 9mmRead more , I understand where Jim is coming from, but I dont agree with all of his thought processes. Why? As for my right gun, Its the one I have and the hopefully the proficiency to use it. The _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site's analytics report. The Model 206 is similar to a Colt DA revolver design with a cylinder latch that is pulled rearward to swing open the cylinder. Distance: 15 yards. I would not try to do this unless necessary. Was: $33.57. I had one of that same model and vintage for a number of years and loved it! Rossi Model 986 Cyclops Hammer Safety. That being said, they offer pretty much identical accuracy. Out of the box, the trigger was gritty, but it soon smoothed out with dry-fire practice and range testing. Tested: The Rossi Model R35102, $390, the Rock Island Armory Model 206, $320, and the Charter Arms Off Duty, $404. Perhaps an article like this will cause an experienced shooter to carefully reconsider advice they provide to newbies. I would like to pick up one like that some day myself. To make an offer please complete the form below: Minimum price for the offer must be greater than or equal to $0. I had a gunsmith install a Smith and Wesson hammer nose on it and that solved the problem. $4.99. A transfer-bar safety system was employed with the RIA along with the firing pin located in the frame, like the Charter Arms. Revolvers are legend. Taurus 285621 856 *CA Compliant 38 Special 6 Round 2 in Matte Black Oxide Black Rubber Grip. . Rossi 352 38 Special Revolver 2" Barrel 5 Round Capacity Rubber Grips Stainless Finish R35202. Here is what we discovered: The Model 206 gave good accuracy for a DAO revolver;the grip was dated. . Cheers. the lady said "i suppose so,we havent been able to get them" well i got madder than you can imagine and finally left a message on some big wigs voicemail and i said things like "ill never buy from you again!" In fact, our grip hold was the highest on the Charter Arms, which helped control muzzle flip and perform a fast second shot. Love it. The black rubber grip was minimalist, with finger grooves that positioned our hand in a high, comfortable spot. I owned two gun shops for a total of about 20 years and was an active certified instructor for a total of about forty years. $18.95 min.  Check back soon, Rossi Model 98 Plinker Ejector Rod Spring Collar, Rossi Model 98 Plinker Mainspring Centerpin, Rossi Model 986 Cyclops Barrel Plug Screw, Rossi Model 986 Cyclops Bolt Spring Plunger, Rossi Model 986 Cyclops Center Pin Spring, Rossi Model 986 Cyclops Cylinder Stop Spring, Rossi Model 986 Cyclops Trigger Assy: .320", Rossi Old Model 68 Blue: Bolt Spring Plunger. I read about his techniques. $15.00 shipping. Taurus 856 Ultra-Lite Defender 38 Special 3in Matte Stainless Steel Revolver - 6 Rounds. Charter Arms 53860 Undercover Lite Santa Fe Revolver 38 Special 2 in 5rd Turquoise. But have you ever heard of a pistol with sights that are both slow to align and too large to place shots accurately? Lots of little levers, springs and cams have to be in perfect timing for the gun to function reliably and properly. This cookie, set by YouTube, registers a unique ID to store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen. Of course, the author is concerned about all the newbies who have been pushed toward the apparent simplicity of point and click. I have always unlucky with Brazilian weapons . Sers lo que debers ser, o no sers nada Gral. Bob's Gun Shop Inc. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! These came standard with walnut grips and were available either blued or with a nickel finish. 164224. This anonymous data helps us to better understand users' needs and customize the website accordingly. We liked that it held six rounds and was only 0.1 inch fatter than the other two revolvers, which makes a difference in IWB carry. Good info. Because the 206 resembled a Colt, we would check to see if a pair of Colt aftermarket grips would work with the RIA. Federal HydraShok comes to mind, many others out there. It was a used 38 Special following the lines of a K-Frame Smith & Wesson. I think that you may have missed the point. What was happening was rebound slide was binding. 'There is nothing new under the sun. Hover to zoom. Wahi' Valleys. Another point, that I admit is picking a nit, it is NOT stability that the bullet gains from a longer barrel. I find it very difficult to retain accuracy with a double action pull. @Wild Bill Wound up taking it to my transfer dealer and he shipped back a pistol (Kel Tec 380) for 15 bucks. Lastly, these Rossis have a bull barrel as compared to the S&W J-frames. I have the same gun, but mine is not a snub nose. Bore is an excellent condition. This isnt to say that theyre a bad choice when shoe-horned into roles they werent built for, but more so that a combination of factors have caused some of their most shining moments to eclipse. Penetration and expansion. You say that a revolver is only for the most experienced of shooters. I totally recommend revolvers for the inexperienced. Most of the dual action only revolvers are about 12 pounds versus most semi-auto pistols are around the 5-pound range. Inch$50. Point one; none of us are good enough shots. ), Please send all support inquiries to support@lonestarstatefirearms.com, 2022 LoneStarStateFirearms.com | Designed & Hosted by, Shooting the coolest folding guns in America, New S&W M&P 5.728 Pistol Review :Tempo Rotating Barrel, Reconditioning a Model 732 H & R revolver, Do Not Buy Taurus GX4 Or G3C Before You Know The Differences. Tools have specific jobs. WOW, someone else having trouble with Braztech International's customer service for warranty issues-say it isn't so. I DID, however, strongly feel that the levels of power and velocity required the use of non-jacketed bullets to get expansion. Any attacker what will just shrug off a couple of 38 spcls will likely do the same with a 9mm or 357. Come join the discussion about optics, trails, clubs, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more. I need hellp .pleas where I buy weapon handles for same gun .please Hellp me.Thanka. Especially from folks whove shot bigger .38 special revolvers or level-action rifles in the past. At the moment though, I can find no supplier that has this part, and I not looking forward to weeks of return time or inflated costs of Gunsmiths,shipping costs,etc to replace something as simple as this pin. Stock.$85, #3 Rossi 22 Pump Oil Otherwise there would be a big chance of getting it hung up on something. I didnt know that you shouldnt dry-fire it. Because we also wanted to carry these revolvers, we looked at spurless and concealed-hammer models, which were the RIA and Charter Arms, respectively. RIP my inbox but hear me out before you glass me from orbit. A ring and marks on both the Charter Arms and RIA also appeared. 2. These Rossi 88s and its blue brother 68 are the ultimate bargain guns of all time! "etc etc etc.and a few days later i got my screw in the mail free of charge. Once something is ingrained to point ofRead more . Our Team Said: The Off Duty was the lightest and most compact revolver tested. It came with a red laser grip sight. As a result, the gun had a subtle two-tone look that some testers liked. Circumstances forced me to sell it several years ago. 4.2 4.2 out of 5 stars (7) $21.70 $ 21. I also have both the blue (461) and SS (462) only for their higher capacity. Best Laser Equipped. Unless someone is willing to dedicate the time and training required for a snubby, its a poor choice for a novice shooter. Rule number 1 in a gun fight is have a gun. ! and the always popular Rimfire Roundup. With the 2 inch, the shooter would have to manually augment the extractor. Thats extra time. I drop one in my pocket while walking the dog. But revolvers just look like its business time. The Rossi and Charter Arms models have 5-round capacities, while the RIA can carry 6 rounds. Its a fantastic little gun that brings me a lot of joy at the range. Damn shame, I have about a hundred or so rounds of +P, and about the same in regular. please, What is the price in US$ currency. Rossi Model R35202 The Reality. That said, I would take a .38 snub over any rimfire weapon for self or home defense any day of the week. Welcome to ShopRossi.com, buy online parts and accessories for your Rossi rifles, pistols and revolvers CUSTOMER CARE 229-210-2727 or 800-948-8029 Advanced Search We fired the Rossi for accuracy in single action and were surprised at the accuracy. In figuring reload time, dont forget the time it takes to empty the spent cylinder. (Pachmayr has a really nice fitting grip which gives them a really nice feel. if you want a shock on current Rossi prices, go to Gunbroker and see what these models from the 1980sthrough mid 1990s are commanding. Actually Jim, youll get no arguments from me. Place a weak hand finger or thumb in front of the cocked hammer, wedging it between the hammer face and the frame of the gun. Rossi model 88 38 special revolver. Still here. I own this exact model and its one of my favorite handguns. When shooting the Off Duty, we needed to curl the small finger under the grip. That doesnt mean it was the best choice, only that he had good reasons. We all know the vast majority of defensive shooting takes place inside 7 yds. True. If accidentally dropped, none of them will fire. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I bought this exact gun at a Gun Store 2 weeks before Traitor Joe took office for 300 bucks. in +P. The trigger was initially gritty, but it smoothed out after use. YouTube sets this cookie via embedded youtube-videos and registers anonymous statistical data. The GyroJet pistol fires small rockets or microjets that utilize rocket propulsion to fire its rounds rather than the traditional gunpowder [], The Manurhin MR73 series of revolvers was developed specifically for the requirements of the French Gendarmerie and special service units of the French Police and Military. Thousands of rounds, zero malfunctions, zero issues, zero concerns. Just my experience. If you have to pull it bad guys will probably run away. My top four reasons that one SHOULD carry just a .38 snub. I was a cop for 30 years and been in a few shootings. This part is manufactured of high quality tool steel and heat-treated to precise specifications in our Midwest facility, using an original factory part for duplication. Keep grinding. The author is correct in that light weight short barreled revolvers are beyond difficult to accurately shoot. All Rossi revolvers feature the unique . Waited to see the range proof pudding! Will Work All Interarms Imported Rossi Revolvers. . Great gun with awesome load! Rossi 971, 68 Hammer Spring. I love my Rossi. He always told me that it was not a target pistol. Better to have something than nothing. The stainless shine is fantastic! Caution: the 357s are truly a handful with a full commercial load 357. Skip the gizmos and increase the practice. Just shoot through the coat. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. A small frame revolver chambered for .38 Special and capable of handlingthe more powerful +P loads. 2. 1. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. -Sherlock Holmes. The spin, imparted by the twist rate ofRead more . Description. It is bitch but far better than nothing. Got my parts ordered and we'll see if they get here. The most likely to go BANG, when the trigger is pulled, regardless of conditions of neglected maintenance, dirt, a bent mag that didnt get noticed, etc. I never felt that my backup 3-1/16 stainless Ruger SP-101 loaded with Federal or Winchester 158gr. Do you have an opinion on the best self-defense round for this Rossi 38 Model 88 for concealed carry? hour. The headline is no better than clickbait. It was my grandfathers pistol he left to me. Just wondering as your article seems somewhat rambling, perhaps adrift might be more accurate. Springfield 951 Single Shot Shotgun, .410ga. pump shotgun, Stevens 77D-77E-77F-77H 12 & 20 ga pump shotgun, Stevens 77M-77EM (magnum) 12 ga pump shotgun. You might try just breaking that screw loose, not removing it, just breaking it loose, and see if that will allow the cylinder . Tooling marks were evident on the exterior, though the satin nickel finish was evenly applied. The friendliest gun forum on the Internet! I live right next to that location . Definitely Goodfellas got me in to revolver to. Sign up for the Daily Digest email and protect the 2nd Amendment. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); If you own a two-inch barrel revolver you have. His reasoning was sound as far as it went, simple to use and no safeties. Finish$95, #4 Rossi Forend to match Both kick. SPONSORED. I hope to have one similar very soon. One of the greatest gun fighters in American history. There was a lot to like - and dislike - about these budget 38s. How oftenRead more . an Order FormPRINT ORDER FORM, Side Most shootings happen within 3 to 7 feet distance. I recently purchase a Rossi 38SPL model 35103, and I am so disappointed about the firing pin (or hammer nose) to be correct is broken. Didnt come across any jacketed bullets back then that I would choose, but did not try Super-Vel. Hinterland #: 22039. Americas oldest Second Amendment News outlet. A hammer less snub nose can be carried and fired both from a purse and in a pocket. And that should be the takeaway from this article. A great example is the .38 Undercover series, a snub-nose that has been tweaked with features preferred by . No one expects to reload if you use it. I'm confident that I can replace the pin. Hey my good friend, Rossi makes a really good gun. The SP101 was similar to the larger GP100, but with a shorter barrel and more compact frame. Few of us get to take classes and get realistic training. First impression, it looks to be a solid little gun and with the 3 inch barrel (which was the attraction), I thought it was going to be a decent Defense weapon. 3 hard cast wadcutters with 2 90 gr. People have said I was under gunned when I carried a M-2 carbine in Vietnam in 1962!!! It was also notched so the aluminum rear sight contrasted nicely with the stainless front sight. Items per page: . This cookie, set by Cloudflare, is used to support Cloudflare Bot Management. The pattern element in the name contains the unique identity number of the account or website it relates to. The R35202 is approved on the roster of . Plus, you'll be the first to hear about our newest giveaways. Snubnose revolvers like these three offer the user simplicity since there are no manual safeties, magazine-release buttons, slide stops or any other controls on the revolver other that the cycler latch. Gonna order 2 and keep a spare. Parts List. You are entitled to your opinion. I like everything about that gun. Not mentioned in this video is the amazing accuracy of these little gems. 2 barrel. One of the old gunwriter standbys Like The 30/06 is Dead!! Really a beautiful gun you were able to get ahold of there. They arent called belly guns without reason. 2007-2023 Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Vimeo installs this cookie to collect tracking information by setting a unique ID to embed videos to the website. Its like trying to teach a pig to sing. I just inherited this but mine is black. Enjoyed the video. Due to the compact size and light weight of the Off Duty, recoil was most noticeable, whacking the web of our hand at the top position of the grip. We would remove the extra rubber that overlaps the rear back strap. coinbase wallet transfer limit, cal baptist women's basketball roster,